Recently opened in the middle of a popular restaurant area in Tsim Sha Tsui, the Chinese translation of this restaurant, Yuefei, is the name of one of China's most legendary military heroes. However, this restaurant mainly offers nouvelle cuisine of the French Riviera.

The restaurant's decor is very simple, matching Orphee's favourite dish on the menu, French-style roast squab. The squab is prepared very simply: it is deboned, then stuffed with bacon, mushrooms, lemon peel and breadcrumbs for roasting. Even though the squab is presented very simply, its content is rich and fragrant.

Orphee Restaurant is owned by three entertainment professionals. Orphee (French for Orpheus) is the Greek god of music. Wong Kar Wai also said, "Film is the combination of images and sound, and music is a part of sound." The director put a lot of emphasis on the music in In the Mood for Love.

Orphee was the restaurant that Wong Kar Wai selected for the opening night private party after the Hong Kong premiere of In The Mood for Love. Perhaps, because Orphee serves food from the south of France, and In the Mood for Love  won two awards at Cannes this past summer, Wong Kar Wai wanted to celebrate his success with French food.

The chefs are offering In the Mood for Love  fans a special set menu to celebrate this film.


Celebrating In the Mood for Love
($188 per person)

1.    Street-style Wonton Noodles
(Rainbow Trout, Spinach, and Wonton Noodles)

2.    Mrs. Chow's Steak
(Stone-grilled Sirloin Steak with Mustard) or
Glutinous Rice with Chicken, French-style
(Crispy Glutinous Rice with Stuffed Squab,   
French-style, with a Creamy Mushroom Sauce)

3.    Black Glutinous Rice Pudding
(Rice-Cooker Style) with Vanilla Sauce or
Su Li-zhen's Sesame Sweets
(Sesame Flavoured Ice Cream)

4.    Coffee or Tea

Special 10% discount when presented with an In the Mood for Love  film ticket.

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