Founded in 1978, this Shanghai restaurant is different from most other serving similar cuisine, because it features female chefs.

Many years ago, a number of Shanghainese ladies decided to set up this restaurant, to present the most authentic, most traditional Shanghai dishes from a real home kitchen to Hong Kong diners. This restaurant became a great success, and three years ago, a new branch was opened.

The most popular dishes of the Andy's Kitchen are Seaweed Tofu Pastry, Fried Egg Dumplings, Five Spice Pork Ribs, Fermented Tofu with Beans, Shredded Turnip and Fish Soup, Clay Pot Chicken and Eight-Treasure Duck.

Having filmed In the Mood for Love, director Wong Kar Wai really wants to introduce his audience to authentic Shanghai dishes.

Those filmgoers who watched the many meals prepared by Su Li-zhen's landlady must have really wanted to try some of them. The female chefs of the Andy's Kitchen now offer an  In the Mood for Love  set meal.

In the Mood for Love   Set Meal (for two)

1. Winter Melon and Duck Soup
2. Parboiled Shrimps
3. Cabbage stir-fried with Shredded Pork and Red Chillies
4. Stir-fried Eggplants
5. Fried Pancakes with Red Bean Paste

Special price of $200 when presented with an In the Mood for Love  film ticket.

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