Born in the suburbs of Sydney, Doyle roamed the world before settling in Taiwan to study Chinese. He was drawn into cinematography through his involvement with theatre troupes. He was soon invited by Edward Yang to shoot his debut feature That Day, On the Beach (1983), which won him a Best Cinematography award at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival. A brief sojourn in France yielded a co-cinematography credit on Claire Devers’ Noir et blanc. He went to Hong Kong in 1986 to shoot Shu Kei’s second feature Soul (Best Cinematographer, Hong Kong Film Awards) and remains based there, dividing his time between Asia and North America. His work has included Red Rose, White Rose and the documentary Yang + Yin: Gender in Chinese Cinema for Stanley Kwan, The Peach Blossom Land and The Red Lotus Society for Stan Lai, Motel Cactus for Park Ki-Yong and Temptress Moon for Chen Kaige. His first North American features were Gus Van Sant’s remake of Psycho and Barry Levinson’s Liberty Heights. In 1999 he photographed and directed his own debut feature, Away With Words. In the Mood for Love marks his sixth collaboration with Wong Kar-Wai.")

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