1985 Fascinating Affairs
Young Cops
1986 The Lunatics
Love Unto Wastes
1987 Happy Go Lucky
People's Hero
1988 I Love Maria
1989 My Heart Is That Eternal Rose
Seven Warriors
City Of Sadness (Taiwan)
1990 Bullet In The Head
Days Of Being Wild
1991 The Royal Scoundrel
Don't Fool Me
Fantasy Romance
The Great Pretenders
The Tigers
A Chinese Ghost Story III
The Banquet
1992 Hard Boiled
Lucky Encounter
Days of Being DumbThe Royal Scoundrel
1993 Butterfly & Sword (HK-Taiwan)
Dong Cheng Xi Jiu
Tom, Dick & Hairy
Come Fly The Dragon (HK-Taiwan)
Three Summers (HK-Taiwan)
Hero - Beyond The Boundary of Time
End of the Road (HK-Taiwan)
The Magic Crane (HK-Taiwan)
Two of a Kind
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father
1994 Always Be A Winner
Chungking Express
The Returning
Ashes of Time
1995 Doctor Mack
Heaven Can't Wait
Cyclo (Vietnam)
1996 Blind Romance
War of the Underworld
1997 Happy Together
'97 Aces Go Places
Chinese Midnight Express
1998 The Longest Nite
Timeless Romance
Your Place or Mine?
Flowers of Shanghai (Taiwan)
1999 Gorgeous
2000 In The Mood for Love

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